There are other types which are used in labels such as satin, cotton, canvas, damask, taffeta and semi-damask. * It indicates the size of the garment. Purpose of Labels It is the most useful item which is attached to the clothing to add grace and style to the garment. Therefore, establishing a favorable image of the brand is important because this will help in ignoring the common factors which are essential while purchasing apparel. These are: * It communicates the type pf material Moop Velvet which is used in making the apparel. This acts as a selling agent to the customers which help in making the purchasing decision. * It also provides the information about the manufacturer of the product with its brand. Like, leather labels are Suede Fabric used for jeans and pants.

All the fabrics vary in prices and therefore the material to be used for the label is decided as per the available budget with the manufacturer. Generally, satin is used in almost all types of garments. These labels are produced as individual pieces which are then attached to the garment and can also be produced in continuous rolls which are then cut out in pieces so as to attach them to the garment.

If the brand image of that particular apparel is worth spending then many customers will pay a lot of money without thinking about the common factors such as its price and quality. It also depends on the kind of material used in the garment. The manufacturer is the sole decision maker of all these specifications and this is attached to the garment in different styling to make it look trendier. Similarly, the brand has to maintain its image by fulfilling all the requirements so that they are always accepted by the customers. * It helps in creating a distinct identity among the many brands available in the market. It is attached to the cloth to communicate with the customer so that they can recognize the particular item with the brand printed over the label. The clothing labels are made up from different fabrics which are given different finishes to gel with the whole apparel.A label is not just a piece of fabric but it is something which adds value to the whole cloth. Hereunder are the points which clearly indicate the importance of labels